We are looking for a Corporate Secretary

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We are looking for a: Corporate Secretary

We are looking for a:

Corporate Secretary


The secretary to the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees is responsible for supporting the administrative policy and decision-making, process support, (legal) advice and internal and external coordination. You are the linking pin between the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees and the organisation. You will have coordinating and advising responsibilities. You will prepare meetings, register appointments and monitor their follow up. You are capable of anticipating developments in governance.


Policy and decision-making support and advice

  • Identifies and advises on current (social, political or (inter)national) developments which are relevant to the administrative processes, governance, education and supervision.
  • Responsible for an adequate decision-making process.
  • Studies future trends which will impact the interests of the organisation and advises the Executive Board.
  • Advises the Executive Board on policy coordination and participates with policy development and (strategic) projects.
  • Assesses policy proposals on political-administrative and legal feasibility, coordination with other policy areas, laws and regulations and applicable procedures.
  • Promotes support within the context of policy development at stakeholders and inventorises bottlenecks and resistances.
  • Is the linking pin to the participation council. Assesses proposals to establish whether these need to go to the participation council and advises the board. Prepares for meetings together with the chairperson. Monitors the procedure.

Process Support

  • Plans the cycle of meetings with the Executive Board/Supervisory Board/Participation Council and committees and prepares for these from an organisational and substantive perspective. This also applies to meetings involving the Management Foundation, the student union and the trade unions.
  • Prepares the agenda and provides any necessary written information for the decision-making and prepares draft decisions in (administrative) areas, prepares the minutes and checks and monitors progress (PDCA cycle).
  • Responsible for the annual report (process).
  • Explains any (intended) decisions and stimulates decision-making in line with the hotelschool’s interests and thereby helps to steer a stable course.


  • Relevant university education (legal, educational, administrative).
  • Approximately 5 years of work experience in a similar position.
  • Extensive theoretical knowledge of managing a HBO (Higher Vocational) educational institute, applicable laws and regulations and governance and supervisory processes.
  • Knowledge of how to apply laws and regulations in order to understand the implications and consequences of decisions.
  • Skilled in formulating policy advice and designing adequate communication.
  • An insight into decision-making processes and political relationships within organisations, which are relevant to the management of the Hotelschool.
  • Skilled in developing policies, defending and propagating policies.
  • Has a proactive attitude and hands-on mentality.
  • Verbal and written English proficiency at level C1, in accordance with the Cambridge level.


  • Integrity
  • Stress resistance
  • Analytical skills
  • Advisory skills
  • Organisational sensitivity
  • Environmental awareness
  • Persuasiveness
  • Networking


Your salary will be in line with the sector’s collective agreement (CAO-HBO) scale 13, from 4,893 – 5,894 EUR, depending on your professional experience and qualifications. In addition, the school offers an excellent package of fringe benefits.

  • a 13th month;
  • employees with 40 hour working weeks are entitled to 428 hours (53 days) of leave per calendar year with retention of salary;
  • a retirement pension through ABP;
  • the possibility to participate in our collective (health) insurance scheme


Please contact Onderwijs Interim Desk, 085 1300024 / info@onderwijsinterimdesk.nl, should you require any further information about the position.


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